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About HT

Started from year 1995, HUATAI GROUP now is one of the largest packing supplier in China. The group is consisted of one trading company, one designing company and 4 production plants, they are WUXI HUATAI TRADING CO.,LTD, INNOVI DESIGN CO.,LTD,  WUXI BRIGHT PACKING CO.,LTD, JIANGSUGUANSU METAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD, JIANGSU FAST PACK CO.,LTD and SHANDONG BRIGHT METAL CAN CO.,LTD, which are located in 4 cities in China. The group has more than 700 employees and covers about 78,500 square meters production plant in total. We are certified by ISO, SGS, UN, etc.

HUATAI GROUP focus on designing, printing, making and supplying metal material, metal components, metal containers as well as plastic containers, they are widely used to pack food  and industrial products. In some packing areas like F-Style cans, lubricant, oil cans, and paint can components, now we are proud to be the No. 1 in Chinese local market. HUATAI started to do export from year 2007, now our products are exported to more than 98 countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Colombia,  etc. And we take great pride in being one of the steady suppliers for lots of famous international brands including JOTUN, PPG, AKZO, SHELL, GULF, SUNCHEMICAL, ENEOS, YAMAHA, etc.

Our group is aimed to be a steady and friendly supplier to all customers with the spirit : ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGE, BETTER QUALITY, BETTER SERVICE,  HAPPY WORKERS

UN approved - Dangerous goods packaging ( D.G Pail)
UN Code: UN 1A2/Y1.6/100, UN 3A1/Y1.2/100

Product Application
Paint, ink, solvent, chemical, thinner, food, Adhesive, sealer, engine oil, motor oil, brake fluid, petrol, fish, olive oil, tomato juice.

Production Market
UK, Australia, USA, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, Colombia, Qatar, etc.

We now export to more than 65 countries, supply some famous brand such as JOTUN, PPG, AKSU, SUNCHEMICAL, ETC.

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